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Shiver edited by Nico Bell

Welcome Back, Nico! Thank you for taking the time to give us a backstage pass to your anthology, Shiver.

V: Tell us all about Shiver. What made you jump to the editor’s seat?

N: Shiver is a thirty story collection of chilling horror revolving around the theme “cold”. Each other had a unique interpretation of the theme, and the final product is a blend of creatures, folklore, hauntings, and bizarre.


I’ve been wanting to edit an anthology for years. In fact, I’m opening my own editing business in 2021 because I love the process of helping an author find their voice and make it shine. Cold horror is something I always crave around the winter months, and I was having trouble finding a wide variety of authors who write this subgenre. I decided to put out the call on Twitter for a cold-themed horror anthology and see if anyone was interested. I received over seventy entries!


V: Many people say editing hones their own storytelling skills. Did you find this to be true?


N: Absolutely! Being on the other side of the submission table is extremely humbling, and I’m grateful for the trust each author gave me as I read through their stories. They were all incredible, some just didn’t meet the requirements as well as others.


It’s hard to self-edit. At times, I get so focused on what I want to say that I miss my errors. Editing helps give some perspective. I have a chance to be objective and take the skills I learn as an editor into my own writing process. It’s been an incredible experience, and I hope to edit more anthologies in the future.


V: Would you do another analogy?

N: For sure! Please, anyone publishers out there, let me edit an anthology! In all seriousness, I loved the experience. Sending the rejection letters was the worst part but working with writers to clean up their stories and help them gain new readership was extremely rewarding.


V: Worst cold weather experience.

N: The state I used to live in doesn’t get a ton of snow, but when it does, it comes hard and heavy. We had a terrible snowstorm that knocked out power for a weeks. It was back when my son was just turning two-years-old. My husband was in the hospital having a procedure done, so it was just me and my son, in a house in the middle of a rural area, with no power, no heat, no electricity, and snow piled up at the door. The snow was a couple of feet high, and the road we lived on never got plowed because it was a back-country road. It was freezing, and I was scared about how I was going to take care of my son (Oh, and it was also his birthday, so happy birthday to him!). I ended up getting help from a friend who had a pick-up truck. He managed to drive over all that ice and snow, pick us up, and take us to my in-laws who luckily had power. But for four days prior to our rescue, we were stuck. It was awful.


V: Any advice for writers looking to submit stories to anthologies?

N: First, read the guidelines and make sure your story fits. Please, edit the story to the best of your ability. That simply saves a lot of time later. Flexibility is always nice. If an author is willing to work with an editor, that helps make the final editing process run smoother. Otherwise, just have fun, and write the story you would want to read.


V: Self-Promotion time! Use this as your own brag wall. Where can we find Shiver? What other projects do you want us to know about? How can we follow you?

N: Shiver is available for pre-order right now on Amazon. The publication date is 1/11/2021, and that’s when you can get a paperback copy. There are thirty amazing authors in the book, many with social media accounts listed in their bios, so give them a follow! You can also follow me on twitter and insta @nicobellfiction, and my website is

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