Fright Girl Winter
      A book festival to celebrate those in the margins


Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Fright Girl Winter is a safe and welcoming place for marginalized genders and voices. We do not want to force anyone to participate if they are not comfortable here. Know we are here for you and will always want to include you.

This is a space for the people who dwell in the margins. This is our way to say we want more.

Please email V. Castro (vvcastro100 (at) gmail (dot) com) and Sonora Taylor (sonorataylor (at) gmail (dot) com) and tell us how you’d like to participate.

For most of the contributions, we kindly ask that you write in the SUBJECT LINE of your email what you are sending. This will keep your materials from becoming lost. If there are multiple contributions, please include all in the subject line (ex: Fright Girl Summer, Sonora Taylor, Reading List, Short Story). You can also write “Multiple Submissions” if you want to contribute a lot!


We have a reading list for participants to choose from. This is divided into categories (authors of color, poetry, Pride, collection, etc.) for easy browsing.  If you want your work to be included, please indicate the following:



Category or categories

Social media handle (optional)

If you’d like to suggest a work that isn’t your own, please still use the format above.


We will need your name, release date, a small photo of the book cover, your social media handles so people can promote it on the day, and buy link.


Video of you reading an excerpt from your book or a book from a woman-identifying or non-binary author.


Articles about your experience as a woman in horror. We especially want to hear from women from marginalized communities.

Your horror inspirations.

How has horror shaped you.

If you have something to say, say it. Your voice matters.


Anything horror (including erotic horror) under 4000k words. Can also be flash.


Got an artistic side hustle? Book cover designer? Horror related crafts or art? Please include the following.


Small photo or logo of your business

Buy link/ social media handles


Commit to a book challenge from our reading list. Choose one (or more) of the following.

3 books by women of color

3 books by women published independently

3 mixed bag books


Loved a book and want to tell readers about it? Include the hashtag in your review or repost a review with the hashtag.

If you are a non-woman-identifying book reviewer or book blogger and can consolidate your reviews on your website, we can direct readers your way.

I don't identify as a woman or as nonbinary. Can I participate?

Yes! You can review books by women, do a reading of a book by a woman, or highlight women authors in any way you choose. However, we will only be highlighting works — books, art, stories, etc. — by women/woman-identifying individuals or nonbinary individuals.

Please email V. Castro (vvcastro100 (at) gmail (dot) com) AND Sonora Taylor (sonorataylor (at) gmail (dot) com) if you’re interested in participating. We can’t wait to work with you!