Statement from V. Castro and Sonora Taylor Regarding Harassment in the Horror/Thriller/SFF Community



When we created Fright Girl Summer, our goal was to create a space for writers, reviewers, and artists on the margins to not only showcase their work, but to do so in a safe space.


This past week in the horror and thriller community has demonstrated the need for safe spaces for women on the margins. Several stories have come forward about serial harassers.


Harassment takes many forms. There are levels of abuse, from grooming to silencing to gaslighting to physical assault. Because it can take so many forms, it can also be perpetuated by people in the community we perhaps like or may call our friends or acquaintances.


If we're to move forward to make the horror community safe for everyone, then we must do more than say, "This is wrong." We need to be actively against it. We need to tell people that engaging in harassing behavior is not accepted, even when that person may be someone we like or admire. To do otherwise is to tell that person their behavior is okay. It's not okay.


With Fright Girl Summer, and within the larger horror community, V. Castro and Sonora Taylor promise the following:


-We will believe victims who come forward with allegations, whether publicly or in private

-We will actively work against harassment and abuse in the community

-We will not knowingly share or promote the work of harassers on Fright Girl Summer


Be safe, and be kind.


Signed with love,


V. Castro and Sonora Taylor

June 26, 2020