Hailey Piper                                                                                                   




Short Story Queer Horror for Pride

by Hailey Piper


I’m a short story fiend. Short fiction is a playground for the imagination; you can dip in and out of a strange concept in moments and feel your day getting better.  If you’d like to read some queer horror short fiction by women for Pride month, I have a few to recommend.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I myself hope to read many, many more queer horror in the near future. I highly recommend checking the podcast Monsters Out of the Closet and browsing for horror by queer authors aplenty. Most of the stories below are written by queer authors while a couple stories are not, but they resonated for either character or theme.

Because it’s hard to describe a short story (in some cases, flash fiction) without giving too much away, I’ve broken them into two categories.


Lovers and Their Fates

Love is complicated. Often it doesn’t make sense while simultaneously being the only thing that makes sense.


These are not all stories of suffering, but they are queer horror, and they’re about love.

World’s End

Not necessarily literal apocalypses (although in a couple cases, yes), but smothering systems dig fingers into our lives. Sometimes they might break us. Sometimes they break themselves around us.