What I love best about indie publishing is their ability to take chances. Many indie publishers are making an effort to bring diverse voices into your home. Here are a few you can support by ordering direct or spreading the word. Follow them on social media for updates on book releases and submission information. We will also be posting publisher features with new releases.

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The Worm and His Kings, the new cosmic horror novella by Hailey Piper (The Possession of Natalie Glasgow) will be released by Off Limits Press on November 15th, 2020.


Synopsis: New York City, 1990: When you slip through the cracks, no one is there to catch you. Monique learns that the hard way after her girlfriend Donna vanishes without a trace. 

Only after the disappearances of several other impoverished women does Monique hear the rumors. A taloned monster stalks the city’s underground and snatches victims into the dark.

Donna isn’t missing. She was taken.

To save the woman she loves, Monique must descend deeper than the known underground, into a subterranean world of enigmatic cultists and shadowy creatures. But what she finds looms beyond her wildest fears—a darkness that stretches from the dawn of time and across the stars.

Author page: https://www.offlimitspress.com/hailey-piper

Pre-order page: https://www.offlimitspress.com/shop/the-worm-and-his-kings-by-hailey-piper-paperback-preorder


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Crossroads by Laurel Hightower is coming out on August 10th, 2020 from Off Limits Press. 


Synopsis: How far would you go to bring back someone you love? When Chris's son dies in a tragic car crash, her world is devastated. The walls of grief close in on Chris's life until, one day, a small cut on her finger changes everything. 

A drop of blood falls from Chris's hand onto her son's roadside memorial and, later that night, Chris thinks she sees his ghost outside her window. Only, is it really her son's ghost, or is it something else—something evil?  

Soon Chris is playing a dangerous game with forces beyond her control in a bid to see her son, Trey, alive once again.


Early Reviews:

“There's a single note that plays through all of Laurel Hightower's Crossroads, and in that note you can hear a mother's justified devastation, a lover's acceptance, and the haunting displacement of a ghost. Refreshingly nuanced character, down to earth in the rightest of ways, Crossroads will sincerely move you. There is a big mind, and an even bigger heart, behind this book.” - Josh Malerman, New York Times best-selling author of Bird Box and Malorie

‘“Crossroads is a gripping, deeply emotional ride. From its very first sentence to its shattering finale, this novella held me spellbound. If you aren't reading Laurel Hightower, you're missing out on one of horror's brightest rising stars.” - Jonathan Janz, author of The Raven

Ebook Preorder Link: https://www.amazon.com/Crossroads-Laurel-Hightower-ebook/dp/B08CBW8GBC

Paperback Preorder Link: https://www.offlimitspress.com/shop/crossroads

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53407936-crossroads

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Off Limits Press is a new press headed by the talented Sam Kolesnik (Twitter @sam_kolesnik / IG @ochenwevs)


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Submissions open until August 31st!

Creature Publishing was founded on a passion for feminist discourse and horror's potential for social commentary and catharsis. Seeking to address the gender imbalance and lack of diversity traditionally found in the horror genre, Creature is a platform for stories which challenge the status quo. Our definition of feminist horror, broad and inclusive, expands the scope of what horror can be and who can make it. 



Twitter: @creaturelit 

Instagram: @creaturepublishing 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/creaturehorror  

Link to book page on our website: creaturehorror.com/books

Contact: info@creaturehorror.com 

Kandisha Press


Kandisha Press is dedicated to bringing you all the women in horror. Follow for the release of most recent anthology, Graveyard Smash Vol. 2 and future submission periods. 

Twitter - @kandishapress






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