Hispanic Heritage Month

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Meet The Writer - Sarah Davis

Sarah is one of the fantastic writers you will have the pleasure of reading in the forthcoming Latinx horror anthology from Burial Day, Latinx Screams



1) How did you begin your writing journey?

I've been writing ever since I was a little kid. I would write a lot of poems, especially narrative ones. I would get ideas for stories all the time and wrote down little taglines for myself and eventually started writing actual stories around high school. I've always been fascinated by stories that could make me feel something and connect with me in some way and I think there are a lot of mediums that can do that. Somewhere along the way, I realized I wanted to be able to do that for someone one day.


2) Tell us about your experience as an AfroLatina in publishing. What are your hopes for the future of publishing?

I haven't had much experience. I'm a recent grad, and spent a lot of my time during school feeling like I had to keep trying to perfect before sharing my stories. Which, I guess, is to say that my main experience with publishing is just being very intimidated by it. There was definitely a fear in there that my voice or the kind of stories I started to tell wouldn't be recognizable or relatable enough. I don't think it was true, but it was a fear. My hopes for the future are that others won't have to have those fears and that they can look around and see a place for them without second-guessing 


3) Top 3 books or films in any genre.

Gosh, I love a lot of movies. Three I've watched a bunch of times and always enjoy would be Knives Out, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Spirited Away.


4) Greatest influences in your writing

I think the greatest influences in my writing are the people around me. I like to put pieces of things that are important to me in my writing and watching my friends and family helps with that. Film and video games are also big influences because I watch and play such an array of things and many of them have been greatly impactful because of their stories or the representation in them.

BIO : Sarah Davis is a writer and costume maker from Ohio. She is a lover of storytelling in all its forms and hopes to focus on sharing stories through different mediums in the future. As a costume maker, she enjoys finding unconventional ways to create things and generally enjoys experimenting with costumes and crafts in her free time as another means of sharing her creativity. She is a recent  NEOMFA graduate and is excited to start hunting down her place in the world where she can celebrate her creativity.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter @Sarah_L_Davis

Publisher Feature - Polis Books

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Polis Books are open to submissions

Polis Books has two FANTASTIC titles from Cina Pelayo and Silvia Moreno-Garcia. You can preorder Children of Chicago before it's released February 2021. Untamed Shore can be ordered today.

Also included are two anthologies filled with writers from different Latinx communities.


Both Sides, edited by Gabino Iglesias 

"In a landmark anthology, acclaimed author Gabino Iglesias presents 15 stories from an incredibly talented and diverse roster of authors that look at all aspects of border crime―immigration, law, trafficking (both human and narcotics), and everyone trying to exploit the divide for their own benefit. Thought-provoking, shocking, violent, raw, emotional, and unforgettable,BOTH SIDES will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about borders, both domestic and international."

Lockdown:Stories of Crime. Terror and Hope during a Pandemic

"In “Lockdown,” 19 of today’s finest suspense, horror, and crime writers explore how humanity reacts to the ultimate pandemic. From New York City to the Mexican border, from the Deep South to the misty shores of Seattle, their characters are fighting for survival against incredible odds. An anthology for our time, showing how the worst crises can lead to the best of us. Proceeds from LOCKDOWN will go to support BINC, the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, as it seeks to help booksellers recover from the devastating COVID-19 crisis."


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More about Polis Books

"Polis Books is an independent book publisher founded in 2013 aiming to deliver the service and distribution of a major trade publishing house with the nimbleness, innovation, and forward thinking of an independent press at the vanguard of an ever-changing industry. We are also the home to Agora, our new imprint focusing on crime fiction from unique and diverse social and cultural viewpoints, which launched Fall 2019. "

Meet The Writer - Cina Pelayo


Cynthia (Cina) Pelayo is the author of LOTERÍA, SANTA MUERTE, THE MISSING, POEMS OF MY NIGHT, and the upcoming CHILDREN OF CHICAGO by Agora/Polis Books. Pelayo is an International Latino Book Award winning author and an Elgin Award nominee. She lives in Chicago with her family.

This multi-talented writer is also the head of Burial Day, a boutique press specializing in horror. 

Follow Cina on Twitter @cinapelayo

Burial Day @BurialDay

Into the Forest and All the Way Through
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Meet The Writer - Matilda Reyes

Matilda Reyes was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She loves books of all genres but has a special place in her heart for urban fantasy, like the Dresden Files and the Iron Druid series. She owns more books than she could possibly read and has a passion for buying books from indie authors. Matilda lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and dog.

Follow Matilda on Twitter @MatildaReyesBks

About The Book:

Jasper Andrews is in over her head. She's on the run from the police for crimes she didn't commit. Her supernatural powers are out of control, and she has nowhere to go. Before she can find a safe place, she's kidnapped by a group called the Order of Vespers. The supernaturally gifted cabal of assassins has been tasked by a deity to maintain the cosmic balance through any means necessary, and they think Jasper is part of their bloodlines. They offer her a safe space to live and learn how to control her abilities because they believe she is the missing piece to destroying a great evil that threatens the cosmic balance and the planet. To fulfill this prophecy, not only will she have to learn to control her powers, but she'll also have to become the world's greatest assassin. Jasper faces a monumental choice - go on the run again or trust the people who forcibly brought her into the world. 

The Vespers Chronicles follows the adventures of Jasper Andrews and her initiation into a paranormal world of beings called The Order of Vespers.  



Chicana empowerment, music, and horror.


I wrote a little something on how Selena Quintanilla  inspired a book and keeps me persevering. 

Selena Quintanilla and the Vampire's Tale


Shadow of the Vulture  by Regina Garza Mitchell 

 A forthcoming splatter western from Death's Head Press. Cover reveal soon!

As Americans move Westward toward their manifest destinies they disrupt lives, steal, and murder. But what happens when that brutality clashes with witchcraft and the supernatural in the small town of Soledad?


A powerful witch goes to the extreme to save the land. A young woman weaves protective spells into clothing, but what she wants to do most is soar with the vultures. An ex-soldier accompanied by her dead friend looks for another battle to fight and will do anything to make the American invaders pay in the bloodiest ways possible. When they come together, Texas will never be the same. Power clashes between witches, warriors, brutes, and innocents, and over it all hovers the shadow of the vulture.

Meet the Writer

Regina Garza Mitchell grew up in the South Texas borderlands and now lives in the Midwest. She has published around 20 short stories and is co-editor (with David G. Barnett) of the Splatterpunk Award-nominated Big Book of Blasphemy. Her work has appeared in places like Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, Songs from Dead Singers, In Laymon's Terms, and more. She has a stories slated to appear in Space and Time Magazine and Campfire Macabre

Follow Regina on Twitter @garzamitchell


Meet The Writer

Rios de la Luz  is a queer xicana/chapina sci-fi loving writer living in El Paso. Her first book, The Pulse between Dimensions and the Desert, is out now via Ladybox Books.  Her debut novella, ITZÁ is out now via Broken River Books. Her work has been featured in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Entropy, Luna Luna Magazine, Broadly, The Fem Lit Magazine, St. Sucia and Corporeal Clamor.

Rios also has a story in the forthcoming anthology Latinx Screams from Burial Day.


Invite her to your virtual events! You can contact her at riosdelaluz@gmail.com.

Did you know she also offers writing workshops and editing services?

You can find out more at https://riosdelaluz.wordpress.com/writingworkshops/

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Meet The Writer

Laura Diaz de Arce is the byproduct of Cuban and Chilean immigrants, and was born and raised in South Florida. She is the author of MONSTROSITY: Tales of Transformation and Mask of the Nobleman. You can find her embarrassingly over-sharing on her Medium as well as numerous publications on the web. She spends her time chasing iguanas away from her avocado tree in a house she shares with her husband and two needy cats. 

Twitter - @QuetaAuthor

IG- @quetaauthor

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Mask of the Nobleman: 
When a budding artist Peytra  finds herself swept into the strange world of nobility, she is drawn to the elusive duke Jors Ameros, a man who covers his entire skin from sight. Still, they find they can't keep away from each other and Peytra must discover if love and trust is something found in darkness.

This romantic retelling of East of the Sun, West of the Moon, asks how much can love survive a secret?

Part of the Curse of the Nobleman Duology. 


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