Here, we'll be sharing original fiction from some of horror's most exciting women voices. If you want to contribute a piece of fiction, please refer to our guidelines here.

Read the stories below by clicking on their covers. Enjoy!

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Folk Horror by Madison McSweeney.png
Bloodline by R.J. Joseph (1).png
LIGHTENED Horrors Hiding EBOOK Cover_PRI
Heat Pump by Tabitha Wood (2).png
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Me and Florentine by Stephanie

Thank you for your interest! Please read our front page for more details on what we're looking for.


  • Max word count: 4000 words

  • No minimum word count. Flash is welcome!

  • Reprints welcome

  • Only women/women identifying authors will be considered

  • Preferred format: standard font (Times New Roman, Arial, Sans Serif), 12-pt, double-spaced between paragraphs at least. Basically, easy to read.

  • We kindly ask that your submission not include pedophilia, bestiality, or graphic depictions of rape.

We will be in touch if we decide to post your story.

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