Fright Girl Summer Links

A big THANK YOU to Shawn Macomber for including FGS in Rue Morgue. You can read his write up HERE for TOMB OF THE SPINE-TINGLING TOME #4

A few months ago I had the privilege to speak to Shawn about my books. You can check out his article HERE

Be sure to follow Shawn and his writing (Decibel, Diabolique, Fangoria, Rue Morgue) on Twitter @shawnmacomber

He knows his music and his horror!

The talented Gwendolyn Kiste interviewed women in horror for the Fright Girl Summer Roundtable.  Read it HERE

Gwendolyne and all her book news can be followed on Twitter @GwendolynKiste


Be sure to keep an eye out for her new book, Boneset and & Feathers from Broken Eye Books!

Real Talk. Since 2020 decided to warp all sense of time I decided to create Halloween in Summer! It was a fun night of dress up and horror. Watch the playback of this amzing event with readings from  these exceptionally talented writers. 


Hailey Piper

Jessica Guess

Nico Bell

Gwendolyn Kiste

Sara Tantlinger

Cina Pelayo

Since this first one was such a hit we are doing it AGAIN! I will be hosting round two 

with Sonora Taylor, Beverley Lee, Stephanie Evelyn, Joanna Koch, R.J. Joseph, Monique Quintana, and Laurel Hightower. Go on over to Crowdcast and register for Halloween In Summer 

August 31st at 6PM EST.


We love Dead Head Reviews and it was a blast to be on Dead Headspace!

Sonora and I talk to Patrick R. McDonough (@PRMcDonough) and Brennan LaFaro (@whathappensnex5) HERE

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