Nico Bell is the author of Food Fright, a campy horror novel where food comes to life. She has published several short stories, works as a book reviewer, and can be found at www.nicobellfiction.com


By Nicole Bell



"Ding. The oven door opened. A huge croissant whipped its rounded arms out of the oven, gripping either side. It propelled itself forward and popped out, rolling to the floor..."What the hell?"...A gooey mouth opened with tendrils of uncooked dough lining the inside, just like her jack-o'-lantern at Halloween when she didn't clean out all the fuck before cutting the mouth holes. Two small dough eyes, burnt and black, narrowed and focused on her. "Bonjour, mon amie." "






                                      Food Fright is part of the excellent Rewind or Die series from Unnerving.

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