Ellen Avigliano

My name is Ellen and I am an Artist and Illustrator based in New Jersey. I am a disabled creator with multiple auto-immune conditions supporting myself with my artwork and creativity. I like dogs, houseplants, and drinking coffee. I read a LOT of books. I believe in challenging societal norms, equality and justice for all, and smashing the patriarchy.

I prefer not to “paint myself into a corner” when it comes to media, genre, or style - instead my studio practice has one continual focus across the entire body of work: colour! Instead of following the “Academia Mindset” of product-over-process, my creativity focuses heavily on the exploratory process of “making things.” My process is about exploring the endless possibilities of a creative practice, and embracing the wild ride from initial imaginative vision to finished work of art. The freedom I have found in purely experimenting with different media and focusing on the organic nature of creating brings me unparalleled joy!

Art Mediums: Watercolor, Gouache, Colored Pencil, Crayon, Ink/Marker, Acrylic Paint

Website: www.imaginariumarts.com

Twitter: @imaginariumcs

Instagram: @imaginariumarts and @thejackalopeswarren

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/imaginariumsouvenirs


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