Cassie Daley

Cassie is a colorful and consistently over-caffeinated bibliophile, artist, and writer living in Northern California. A self-proclaimed workaholic, she spends her time juggling two "normal" jobs, an Etsy shop, her own blog, and a few spots as a contributing writer to horror-focused spaces within the bookish community.


She loves trying out as many new art forms as possible, although her favorites are watercolors, embroidery, and acrylics. Her art has two central themes, regardless of medium: color, and pop culture. Taking inspiration from every shade in her palette and recognizable icons from her favorite movies, books, and television shows, she creates most of her art with a single purpose in mind: to make herself - and anyone else looking at it - just a little bit happier.


She runs a fully stocked Etsy shop that offers a wide variety of different products, including magnets, bookmarks, and art prints. Some of her most popular items are her DIY Embroidery Kits, which include everything the buyer needs to create their own stunning embroidery piece from home - even as a total beginner to the craft!


Cassie's also currently working on an exciting new project: THE HORROR AUTHOR COLORING & ACTIVITY BOOK, which will feature 20 authors within the genre as character coloring pages, and spotlight some of their works, publishers, cover artists! The book will be available to pre-order & purchase late this summer / early this Fall, so make sure you're following her social media to stay updated!