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Gaby Triana


V: When did your interest in horror and the supernatural begin?


G: As a child. I read a Dr. Seuss story called “What Was I Scared Of?” featuring a disembodied pair of pants haunting the woods at night. Being only 4, I was shocked to see something so disturbing in the pages of a children’s book, so naturally, I fell in love! After that, I received an LP record called Famous Ghost Stories containing narrated versions of well-known short stories, such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Ghost Ship, and The Bloody Tower. I listened to that record until I destroyed it. Ghost stories have always been my favorite, but I have to infuse mine with horrific living people doing horrific things as well. Otherwise, it’s just a mystery. 



V: What was the inspiration for the book?


G: For years, I kept getting the opening scene of a Latina Catholic teen practicing witchcraft in her room when her abuela barges in and sees her. This, and my own spiritual path, were the inspiration behind MOON CHILD. In many ways, this story is about me and letting go of what doesn’t serve me emotionally. For years, I was trapped in a cycle of pleasing others, doing what was expected of me, and being a good Catholic girl. There’s no fun in being a good Catholic girl. 



V: You have an incredible list of accomplishments as a writer. It is also wonderful to have a fellow Latina in the genre! Any advice for other Latinas starting out?


G: Aw, thanks! Same, sis! <3 Yes, I want to tell Latina authors that they don’t have to feel, because they are Latina, like they have to write about the Latina experience. While publishing is looking for diverse voices, many editors want stories that fulfill “their” idea of what being a Latina is about. If you don’t feel like writing about immigration, border stories, chupacabras, or Santería—don’t. Many non-Latinos think this is what Latina horror should be about. Yes, there are amazing stories along those themes, but if you’re more into castles and ghosts and zombies, write castles and ghosts and zombies. If your heart is in the sweeping moors of Northern Wales, then stay there. Inject as much or as little “Latina-ness” (whatever that means) as you wish. 


V: How can we follow your projects and where can we find this book?


MOON CHILD is available on Amazon on February 17th, and you can follow me at:


Twitter: @GabyTriana

IG: @GabyTriana

YT: The Witch Haunt




Moon Child

“For so long, I’d worked not to let rage show, to stay even keeled and neutral to everyone around me. I’d mediated my parents, accepted my grandfather’s lack of belief in me—You wouldn’t make a good businesswoman, Valentina. Be a teacher. Teaching is a great career for women. I’d minimized my own hurt to make others feel better about themselves. I’d been the good, Catholic girl. I’d swept pain that was rightfully mine under a rug. And that shit needed to stop—now.”

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