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Sadie Snow has an interesting fetish. She likes things cold. The only man who has understood
and loved her for this odd perversion is her ambulance partner and boyfriend: Michael. So, when
Michael gets run over by a snow plow, Sadie will stop at nothing to keep him alive, keep
bringing him back again and again for one thing and one thing only.
But when Michael begins to deteriorate, when things that were once hard become loose and
floppy, Sadie finds herself taking lives instead of saving them. In an effort to keep Michael’s
organs pumping, Sadie will have to go against her paramedic training and human instincts and
kill instead of save. But she’s doing it in the name of love, so it’s okay. Right?
When does love turn to obsession? How many people have to die for Sadie and Michael to
continue their abnormal relationship? Exactly how far will she go for the one she loves?
Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN, the libido of Amelia Beamer’s THE LOVING DEAD, and the
bloodthirsty mind of PROM NIGHT.

Meet The Author

Mackenzie Kiera is the co-founder and co-host of the dark fiction podcast Ladies of the
Fright, where she interviews authors and reviews everything dark and stormy. She is the author of over 40+ articles, essays, and short stories that have appeared in varying places such as:
Gamut Magazine, The Mighty, The Nervous Breakdown, The Manifest-Station, Ink Stains
Anthology Vol. IV, The Stokercon Anthology, This Is Horror (blog) and Dwarf+Giant. To make money she works for Western Governors University as a professional communications evaluator and as a side gig, she beta reads for other authors in the genre. She lives with her husband, son, and some critters deep in the Redwood forests of Northern California.

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