The world is changing and it will not be the same for a very long time. One change is within publishing. With that said,  big publishing has not been very accepting of women of color writing adult genre fiction. 

I try to be supportive of my peers in horror, especially those from marginalized communities because I know how tough it is to get your foot in the door and persevere in the face of rejection and continual dissapointing behavior from big publishing.

But I ain't one to take anything lying down. 

Since everything is pretty much cancelled I figured now is as good time as any to make a difference. Let's work together to lift each other's voices and use stories as a way to unify and understand more about each other. 

Violet Castro is a Mexican American writer originally from Texas now residing in the UK with her family. When not caring for her three children, she dedicates her time to writing. For More information about her books and other publications, please visit www.vvcastro.com

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Sonora Taylor


I refuse to let Summer 2020 suck. What better way to lift our spirits than to come together for a summer reading event promoting some amazing women in horror?

Women face an uphill battle in pretty much any of their chosen fields. Horror is no different. It's even more challenging when you're a woman of color, a queer woman, a disabled woman, or anything other than a cishet white woman. Let's spend this summer celebrating those who tend to get lost in the shuffle.


Let's read books by women we've never read before. Let's shout from the rooftops the women creators we enjoy already. Let's all support each other and revel in our fright girl awesomeness. Join us!

Sonora Taylor is the author of several novels and short story collections, including Without Condition and Little Paranoias: Stories. Her next book, Seeing Things, will be out June 23, 2020. She lives in Arlington, Virginia, with her husband. Visit Sonora online at sonorawrites.com.

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